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Lesson Plans

  • Dr. Seuss Birthday (March 2nd) Grade: 1-6

    Summarize a book or chapter by creating a flow map on the most important events. Make notes on key details of the book or chapter.

  • President's Day Grade: 1-6

    Get a good understanding of why we have a holiday to honor the Presidents. Create a collage of images on Nanoogo’s canvas using symbols and captions that best represents any President.

  • Space Science - Timeline in Nanoogo Grade: 4

    Big Idea: If I can determine the main ideas of an article, I can infer its overall meaning.
    Essential Question: How is the main idea of an article supported by key details?

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Grade: 4

    In this summative project, students create a graphic organizer sharing important quotes from Dr. King and an understanding of the intent of his words.

  • Martin Luther King Jr. Grade: 5

    This is a summative project, following a unit of class discussion and work on Dr. Martin Luther King’s impact on American history. Students create an event chain to share their opinion, supported by evidence, reasoning, and information.

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