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What is Nanoogo?

Nanoogo is an online platform used by kids to write stories, create original artwork, and express their unique talents! It is meant to be fun, but we are serious about its educational value. Teachers are using Nanoogo in many ways to enhance classroom engagement while addressing the core curriculum.

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Why should i join?

Engage your students.

Address your curriculum in a fun and engaging way: Nanoogo’s digital canvas allows students to have fun while working on assignments.
And it works!

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Foster interactive learning.

Thanks to technology, your students can share their knowledge with others and learn from their classmates.

It’s so much more fun to create for friends!

Create a positive mindset in your classroom.

Nanoogo’s fun peer rewarding system keeps students engaged and motivated, and teaches them healthy positive feedback habits.

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nanoogo graphic
Benefit from ready lesson plans.

Nanoogo provides lesson plans samples that you can get inspiration from. Nanoogo will regularly add to these samples.

View lesson plans samples >

It’s free, safe and easy!

You can access a private teacher account on which you can manage as many classes as you’d like, and moderate your students’ posts. All you need is a computer and Internet connection, and you’re good to go!

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Who uses it?

Educators at more than 300 schools and after-school programs are already using Nanoogo to enhance classroom engagement, and they love it!
“Nanoogo has helped me engage my students with the use of technology, while encouraging their creative learning styles."
– Mrs. Jennifer Hiromoto
“My students and I have really enjoyed using Nanoogo in the classroom. They are asking when they can do it again!”
– Mr. Parker Rowland, 4th grade teacher
“This is an engaging way for students to publish their work and reflect on the work of others.”
– Mrs. Heather Heyert

What can I use it for?


Research paper: The American Revolution"
Print your students’ creations and use them as wall décor!


Class presentation: “Rabbits”
Have your students present to the class using their creations!!


Thinking map: “Yellow Stone”
Give “kudos” to encourage good work!


Visual vocabulary: “Spin”
Let them vote for their favorite post, and give a prize!


Social studies: “Native Americans”
Upload a selection of pictures for your students to pick and comment

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